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About Dr. McDonough

Dr. Paul McDonough

Dr. McDonough attended medical school at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. He graduated as the winner of the Longmire Medal as the student graduating number one in his class in surgery.

Dr. McDonough's medical training continued at UCLA in an Orthopaedic surgery residency.  He received a score of 100th percentile on an "intraining exam", (exams given to all residents in the country) this is celebrated and highly uncommon.

Dr. McDonough developed an interest in spine surgery working with Dr. Rick Delamarter, the premier west coast spine surgeon.  This clinical experience as well as research experience provided the privilege of acceptance into a spine surgery fellowship under the world famous Dr. Thomas Zdeblick.  In 2001 Dr. McDonough relocated to Abilene, Texas with his family.

What is Spine Surgery Fellowship Training?

A spine fellowship is the highest level of training available for spine surgery in the United States.  Some orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, at the conclusion of their standard medical training, undergo advanced training devoted entirely to spine surgery.  This allows the opportunity to be involved in cutting edge research and surgery.  There is exposure to very complex disorders and problems, and provides training in the newest and most advanced techniques and equipment.

Dr. McDonough is the only fellowship trained spine surgeon between the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and Lubbock.  He underwent training under the direction of  Dr. Thomas Zdeblick, a world-renowned spine surgeon.  Fellowship training allowed one-on-one mentorship.  Dr. Zdeblick has developed and refined many new techniques and surgical instruments that have improved spine surgery over the last 15 years.